AREA is a research and innovation driven architectural studio that focuses on the making of environmental and tectonic based architectures. The projects are developed through methods and techniques grounding in architectural explorations as well as natural and computer science.

The architectural agenda spans from academic research publications to both; realised architectural design projects and speculative architectural design proposals within the frame of architectural competitions.

Activities are performed within AREA and as collaborative efforts with other studios or academic research institutions.

AREA was established in 2010 by founding partners Anke Pasold and Isak Worre Foged after studies and work in the fields of architecture, design and engineering in Barcelona, Milano, New York, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Aalborg, Copenhagen, Messina, Sydney, Firenze, Amsterdam, London and Vienna.

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Anke Pasold / Dipl.Des.,M.Arch. MAA, Assoc. Professor []

Isak Worre Foged / MSc.Eng.Arch.,M.Arch. MAA, PhD, Assoc. Professor []


Odinsgade 4, 2 TH

2200 Copenhagen


CVR: 32984304