Acoustic Pavilion I

Taking acoustics as a base for design development, the project examines how both overall form and local surface geometries can be developed towards a specified acoustic environment. Through the use of acoustic simulation and computational form finding, an architectural space tuned to electronic music is created. The pavilion was developed and built for the Aalborg Culture Festival (2011) and served as a music hub for a variety of venues for three days. 

The Acoustic pavilion become part of the 2012 'Show me your model' exhibition at the Danish Architecture Center (DAC) and was published in the book 'Creating Shade: Design, Construction, Technology' by Braun Publishing (2013). 

The project research work was furthermore published in the peer-reviewed eCAADe International Conference Proceedings (2012) with the paper entitled 'Acoustic Environments - Applying Evolutionary Algorithms for Sound Based Morphogenesis'

The project was developed together with Esben Bala Skouboe and Mads Brath Jensen and supported by Aalborg University.